Offer our Unique Yoga and Massage
Combo Workshop - to Your Practitioners.

Dear Yoga Studio Owner/Manager,

Every good Yoga studio wants to offer their practitioners a variety of methods or themes to spark and maintain interest, while still providing the best Health benefits as possible. This is why we have developed a wholesome combination of the two top Relaxation techniques ever – Yoga and Massage.

My name is Michal Retter. I’m a Yoga teacher in Bellingham, WA and together with my associate Anat Gerards, we are interested in bringing our complete “Yoga and Massage” packaged workshop to your studio, as a joint venture with you.

In a 3 hour Workshop we offer a unique blend of both the benefits of Hatha Yoga and the healing therapy of Massage. After you hear what this offers entails, we are certain you will be interested in this venture! Lets talk about rates and dates after some more particulars.

The Methods:

We work in unison using two main methods to facilitate the deepest levels of relaxation and release: Biodynamic massage therapy and restorative Yoga poses. Starting with enhancing Prana techniques we then guide participants to place the body in specific positions, taking advantage of the direct connection between body and mind, using the body to direct the mind into calmness.

Adding the touch (massage) encourages even further relaxation and adds a level of support and nurturance to the whole experience.

Biodynamic therapy encompasses much work with bodily tensions and restrictions, using special massage and movement techniques. The Hatha Yoga and Biodynamic massage methods work to hush nervousness and stress by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, which brings about relaxation, healing, clarity of mind, better digestion, as well as good and rejuvenating sleep, just to name a few attributes. This system is switched on when we feel secure and safe, not only in our outer surroundings but in our internal environment and in our thoughts and feelings as well.

The Facilitators:

We act as guides, setting a most peaceful tone and safe environment to allow each individual to let go of “the guards” or “the armor” (the build up of stress, anxiety and chronic tensions) and to move into a place of serenity and just be.

Michal Retter, RYT - has been practicing Hatha Yoga for 12 years and has experienced many types, ranging from active Yang styles to Yoga Therapy. Certified by Yogafit Teacher Training Systems Worldwide, registered with Yoga Alliance and the International Massage Association. Founder of her own business, Inner Composure, she teaches workshops and classes in Bellingham and thePuget Sound.

Anat Gerards - biodynamic psychotherapist and teacher, received her degree from the Gerda Boyesen International Institute in London in 1987. In 1990 Anat co-founded the Biodynamic Education Center, a school dedicated to educating therapists, healthcare practitioners, massage therapists, and people from all walks of life in the practice of biodynamic psychotherapy and massage. Although the school is headquartered in Yelm, WA, it offers workshops and training in California, Oregon, Washington, and places as far away as Israel. Anat also maintains a private practice in California and Washington.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone can attend this workshop (no prior experience in Yoga necessary) . Recommended to all people on their journey to know themselves better; all people who are in the process of healing from injuries or diseases; all people who experience daily stress. All therapists that want to learn how to incorporate effective techniques in their practices etc...

We have successfully administered this Workshop multiple times, and continue to get positive feedback like these:


AWESOME workshop on Saturday – my body felt like melted chocolate all afternoon – so warm and delicious!
Thank you!
- Amanda Van Dijk

Anat and Michal are aware of the responsibility and sacredness of working with another human being. Every time they massage a client they are aware they are touching the totality of whom that person is. That is why many times the client will experience overall sense of well being as if not only their body was touched but their spirit as well. – Idith Jones

My comment is: WE LOVED IT: COME BACK!!!
We were both so relaxed, really relaxed for the first time in ages (maybe years.) The relaxed feeling lasted through the weekend, which is wonderful!!! I would attend that exact workshop monthly if I could! What a great thing to learn to relax again!!!! Thank you so much for making the trip down to see us! Namaste
– Mia Fiore, Kirkland, WA

Recently, I was fortunate to experience the multiply benefits of the YOMA workshop. For me it is not easy to put any labels or description on my "time" spent that Saturday afternoon. All I know is it was transcendental to say the least. Thirteen "strangers" in a safe warm, flowing environment is not a common occurrence for me, or I might say for the others in the yoga studio that day. I was able to forge a strong connection to my inner self, while sensing that others "self's" where floating around me in their own journeys. After the workshop I was due to work my inventory shift at Costco, dreading that I'd lose the elevated state. But to my delight I carried it with me and seemed to float above the madness of the loud, bright, crowded warehouse. Others took notice of my contentment and I wished that they too could have shared the peacefulness. I will continue to seek this higher plane of consciousness through the true path of Yoga, mediation and Native American spirituality. Thank you Michal and Anat for the lovely experience.
Namaste -
Karen, Bellingham WA (2009)

Rarely do we give ourselves the permision to reflect and relax. It was refreshing. The effect lingered for at least 2 days. We all got from it what we put in to it and as you said what we needed. Thank you Mical.
Sincerly with love
- Anni, Bellingham WA (2009)

...I attended the YOMA workshop because I am keenly aware that I have the tendency to hold tension and anxiety in various parts of my body and that Michal's yoga classes have been extremely beneficial to me recently. I rejoiced in the opportunity to spend 3 hours focusing on relaxation. The workshop was much richer than I had expected and deeply enjoyable! Most grateful - Linda Conroy Bellingham WA (2009)

Yoga practitioners are particular and explorative people that are likely to appreciate a different kind of offer, so why not Increase the Appeal of YOUR Yoga Studio by offering something that will meet their curiosity and keep it?

We will gladly bring our Yoga and Massage Workshop to your Studio for your practitioners. Lets coordinate a venture together now:

Contact Information:
Michal Retter 360-738-0997