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What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga is a form of mindful activity for people who want to utilize the time they spend conditioning their body to do something meaningful with their mind as well. Instead of just waiting for the time to pass and the “work-out” to end. By including the Mind in our movements we discover a way to “work-in”, doing something that involves all of our human aspects, not just the physical ones. The emphasis is placed on creating a sacred space, where through uniting our complete being we can align with our intent for life.

The physical Yoga practice is like a microcosm of your life and what you learn while On the mat is applicable in the macrocosm of your day to day experiences.

Articles in this section are an exercise in understanding and integrating Yoga in ones life, bringing together human nature and in-depth Yoga principles. They reflect some of my contemplations at the time and I hope that in time they will change, evolve and offer more and more wisdom. Namaste.

Previous Featured Articles:

On Letting Go - For the Sake of Living a Happier Life.

Why is it that at the end of a rather non-eventful day we sometimes feel as if we've been fighting a war? Struggle is sometimes optional. We let it in. The tricky part is catching ourselves in the act and deciding to let go of it. Read "On Letting Go - For the Sake of Living a Happier Life" and for a sigh of relief!

The Present Moment

What does being present really mean? What are the benefits and how can we induce this state of being safely?

Joe's Letter on why he aspires to perfect the Lotus pose

Everyone finds themselves searching for meaning at some point in their life. The very nature of reality is still a mystery to both scientist and theologian alike. Some of us choose a more personal, experiential journey to discovery through Yoga. We are all after the same wholeness and peace and connectedness that we suspect is waiting for us. Joe’s Letter is a glimpse into one man’s quest for attainment, perfecting the Lotus pose.

Giving and Receiving

We are in the midst of the holiday season, what constitutes true giving? Why do we give to others? What are your views about receivership? The article Giving and receiving reveals to us the important equality that exists in the act of taking.

Guilty for not doing Yoga?

Guilt is a useless emotion. Useless because it retards change. It keeps us in a state of unworthiness that paralyzes us into NO action. It seems easier to be angry and discourage ourselves than to face the real consequences of our actions. In most cases, there aren't any consequences, we make up a "phantom punishment" lurking out there waiting for a chance to pounce. Making a dragon out of a dragonfly we engulf our being in a shroud of negativity, needlessly. To full article...