"Practice Yoga and You Can Live a
Balanced and Healthy Life
All Year Round."

Group classes

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If you want to bring Aliveness and Energy back into your life and

Maintain the state of Optimum Health that you Deserve then

I know practicing Yoga with me can help you.

The benefits of Hatha Yoga include and are not limited to

  •  Inner calm and Mental clarity
  •  Increase in flexibility
  •  Increase in muscular strength and endurance
  •  Increased energy levels, stamina and better sleep patterns
  •  Decrease in resting heart rate
  •  Weight balancing and body toning
  •  Improved posture alignment

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I have inspiring testimonials from both experienced Yoga practitioners as well as beginners.

Hatha Yoga is a proven method to reduce stress, strengthen and tone muscles, increase balance and bring forth calm. People just like you have embraced Yoga into their lives and are reaping rewards. Check out these testimonials.

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"Mind body and soul are
three parts of one totality.
Each one is usually
not directed to the same point.
But if they are
directed to the same point
results are fascinating."

-- Pavel Hub