Look at what other people are saying about practicing Yoga
with Michal at Inner Composure Yoga

"Thanks for all the work you put in to your classes. As a healthcare practitioner, I spend all day bending over a massage table. Taking yoga classes regularly prevents me from experiencing any low or mid-back tension. I consider it an integral part of my healthcare practice. Sense of wellbeing? Of course. It keeps me grounded and helps prepare me for the unexpected stresses of being a busy human. I've learned to appreciate my body and where it's at on any particular day. It's a practice in non-judgment and competition. You're a gifted teacher and I'm blessed to have you just down the street!"
- Michele Siemion (Bellingham, WA)

"Attending a yoga session with Michal is a postively amazing experience that will effect start you on a journey of self-discovery and healing. I am so blessed to have found her. My yoga practice continues to bloom into my daily life with the seeds she gently planted. Namaste."
- Mary Howell (Bellingham, WA)

"Welcome home Michal!
I look so forward to practicing with you soon, giving you a huge hug and being around your clear spirit energy. Thank you for helping me sit, move, and blend with with what is. So often I find myself pushing; whether it be my body, my mind, my spirit, or a class. Your soft wise love holds a space in which I can let go of what I envision and be present with what is. Thank you for teaching me acceptance and sensitivity.
In your partners workshop, I learned how to listen to another. You started the class ideally, by asking us to observe how it felt to give and recieve. This awareness of energetic exchange shaped my experience of partner yoga, taking my focus off of giving a deeper stretch or creating an aesthetically pleasing shape, and on to the butter of patner practice; Loving Connection. Infinite thanks and blessings on this bright springtime day."
- Aum Shanti, Brianna

"Dear Michal,
Today was so special with Susanna and you. I walked away with every single ache gone and my energy restored. It was a gift of magic. I proceeded to my physical therapy deep tissue procedure, and the therapist found that I was so relaxed that she was able to go deep enough to dislodge scar tissue. It was this very area that turned out to be the source of my quad and knee pain. Seeing the two of you one after the other turned out to be just what I needed. I'm so glad you are part of my life..."
-Eve Pryce (Bellingham, WA)

"The miracle of Michal's teaching is to consistently invite us to have a joyful and very personal experience with yoga. Her positive and individualized approach irresistibly welcomed me from the very first day. Her gentle raising of the bar has kept me intrigued and challenged. I'm stronger, healthier, slimmer and happier because I take yoga with Michal Retter twice a week.
- Jennifer Wilke, a writer in Bellingham, Washington

"Michal Retter is a wonderful yoga teacher who incorporates knowledge, practice and wisdom into her classes. She always takes the time to listen to her students needs and uses her knowledge and intuition to help and enhance her students practice and life. I have been practicing yoga for years and I've found her to be a rare gem of a teacher!"
- Yael Amir, Interior Designer, Seattle

"...When you started teaching, beginning with your "community service" classes at the library, I was deeply inspired with new possibilities for myself and yoga, thanks to your approach. I do yoga for physical and spiritual relief and enhancement; proximity and schedule are essential; what you are offering is exactly what I'm needing, in particular the positive, non-judgmental, encouraging manner you bring to your classes plus the attention to stress reduction and rehabilitation in general. Thank you so much for what you have given me so far, and for continuing to teach near Yelm for the time being. Love and Namaste, KB "
- Kristin Blalack, head librarian in Yelm, WA

"Salutations Michal...
I'd like to thank you for the time you shared with me during my stay in Bellingham. I enjoy interacting with you because of the passionate peacefulness you exude, and I was able to bring many of the wonderful insights you enlightened me with home. I am actively creating my reality with joyous intention and I am very grateful to you for planting the seeds of awareness in my heart. Thank you so very much for your time and energy, it has made all the difference in my perspective."
- Megan Mabery, Arizona

"I have a sore knee and the Doc said it was lack of stretching and tight muscles. Yoga has helped with my knee and also my sore back...When my husband came back from Afghanistan after 8 months, the first thing he said to me is "Have you grown taller? Yoga stretched and lengthened my whole body."
-Amie Yarrington

"Michal is a very patient and knowledgeable instructor. She has great communication skills, thus helping the new student and the seasoned practitioner feel very much at home. I look forward to every class with excitement and eagerness."
-Christine Detrick

"Yoga is a part of me! I've been practicing Yoga for a year and half with Michal I am so much healthier - emotionally, physically, Spiritually!"
-Teresa Cook (Preschool Teacher, Roy,WA)

"When I started Yoga I had a Baker's Cyst...after 6 months of persevering I am happy to say it has dissolved.....Michal is very perceptive as to individual progress and makes everyone feel comfortable at their level."
-Marie Scharisow (Lacey, WA)

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